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NGS Conference


   The National Genealogical Society Conference is coming up from May 4-7 in Ft. Lauderdale.  This is the first time since 2004 that a national conference has been in Florida, so hopefully all my Florida friends will be able to attend.  The theme is “Exploring the Centuries: Footprints in Time.”  Over 150 lectures are scheduled with lots to learn whether your ancestors were Mayflower passengers (can you tell I’m originally from New England) or 21st century immigrants.  Actually, since I moved to Florida I’ve gained some perspective on American history realizing that before Plymouth Rock, and even before Jamestown, the Spanish arrived in Florida in 1513.  

   My first national conference was in 1999 in St. Louis (how do I remember that…the syllabus is on my bookshelf) and I’ve only missed a few since then. Why do I attend national conferences?  Genealogy has a never ending learning cycle.  There are always new resources, new methodologies, new information.  For the past dozen years or so, I’ve lectured at many of the conferences, but I also attend sessions and visit with the vendors.  If I’m learning about something new, I might plan to attend all of the lectures on a certain topic (this year it’s DNA).  I’ve already registered for a Chromosome Mapping Workshop.   I also try to attend all of the sessions on Irish research.  If you’re there, I’m lecturing on Griffith’s Valuation and Scots Irish Research on Saturday.   There are also sessions by specific lecturers that I try not to miss.  I always leave a conference with my head full of new ideas to try and break through those brick walls.

   I’ll spend quite a bit of time with the vendors.  If I have a specific question or concern, or want to give feedback, I’ll try to catch them at a quiet time, perhaps when most people are attending a session.  Sometimes I’ll come away with a different perspective on their product.  And of course I’m always looking for what’s new.

   But one of the best reasons for attending a conference is to be able to visit with others who share my passion.  It’s no secret that my family is “not into dead people.”  Being with like minded people and being able to share successes (and brick walls) is for me, one of the best reasons for attending a conference.  

   Early Bird Registration ends on March 31, so register now.  Hope I’ll see you there.

   Happy Hunting!

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