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Online Sources for Irish Research

   On 5 January in the Derry Journal, Brian Mitchell, genealogist for the Derry Genealogy Centre and author of numerous books on Irish Genealogy listed the four best free websites for Irish research.  I've written on each of these so dust off your resolutions and start searching.

   Here are the links to my previous blogs.

National Archives - Census Records

AskAboutIreland - Griffith's Valuation

FamilySearch - Civil Registration Indexes

RootsIreland - Church Records

*RootsIreland is free to search, however transcriptions require a fee to be paid.

   Another site to visit is the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations, particularly their "Links" page.  They provide a categorized list of links to sites in Ireland and the UK for Irish research.  

   Happy Hunting!

Contact me if you would like to commission research in Salt Lake City during my upcoming (January 25th) trip.  Also, if you're thinking of joining the Dublin Research Trip, please complete the Registration Form and return it to me.

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