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The 1940 Census - A Week Out

   A week has passed since the release of the 1940 census and like most bloggers, I'm still writing about it. has created an"Infographic" about the release and the incredible interest generated by the census.    There are now multiple options for viewing.  There is, of course the "official" site, the 1940 US Census Project which appears to be working well since last Tuesday, as well as the sites of the partners.  FamilySearch has about 25 states online which can be browsed  by state, county and enumeration district., the US version of the BrightSolid site, is offering to find your ancestor as soon as the records become available and notify you if you register.  There site does not includes images yet. 

   In addition, Ancestry had all of the images loaded on Friday as did MyHeritage  and FamilyLink.  MyHeritage has also provided the first index, so if you're lucky enough to have an ancestor who lived in Bristol County, Rhode Island, check it out!

   As I demonstrated last week, you can pretty easily find your ancestor in the images if you know exactly where they lived in 1940, but of course the next step is the index.  I hope many of you are actively assisting in the indexing project.  As my grandmother used to say, many hands make light (or at least faster) work.  

   Happy Hunting!

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