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The Daly Family of Crumlin, Kilvine, Mayo

Daly/Morley cousins with my husband in 2013.  

   One month from today, on October 7th, I leave for Ireland.  It’s time to focus and prepare for the trip.  This year, I will be doing some of my own research and hopefully visiting with some of the cousins in Ireland.  I’ll be flying into Shannon, arriving early in the morning on the 8th and driving to Tuam in northern Galway on the border with Mayo.  

   My husband’s grandfather, Michael Daly emigrated from Ireland departing from Queenstown on the 28 March 1909 on the Lucania and arriving in New York on 3 April 1909.  According to the manifest, his closest relative in Ireland was his mother, Mary Daly of Crumlin and he was going to his sister, Kate Kearns in Albany, New York.  I have not  been able to identify Michael in the 1910 census but by 1912, Michael was in Stamford, Connecticut where he married Ann Jane (Jennie) Martin, from County Monaghan.   Michael’s daughter, Catherine (my mother-in-law) did not know much, other than her father was from Irishtown (no county).  By putting together a number of records, including an obituary of a half-brother which stated he was from Mayo, I eventually got to the correct area.  

   My mother-in-law had a lot of cousins in Connecticut, but wasn’t sure how they were all related.  A study of all of the Dalys from Claremorris in the civil registration records provided the answer…Michael’s father, John Daly was married three times.  The first marriage was to Bridget Carney which produced three children: Sally, James (who emigrated to California) and Patrick (lived in England).  The second marriage to Mary Kirrane produced four children: twins John and Catherine (Kate) both of whom emigrated to Albany, New York; Peter who came to Stamford, Connecticut and Sarah, who died before her first birthday.  The final marriage was to Mary Morley which produced three more sons: Thomas Francis who also settled in Stamford, Connecticut; Martin who remained in Ireland and Michael, my husband’s grandfather.  

   Since all three of John’s marriages occurred after civil registration I have the name of his father, which was also John.  The name of John’s wife was given as Sarah Tracy by a descendant of the first marriage when he commissioned a research report from the South Mayo Research Centre.  I met Gerald Delaney of the South Mayo Research Centre in 2006 at the FGS Conference in Boston.  I mentioned that my research was on the Daly family and he told me he had done research on that family.  When he returned to Ireland, he contacted his client and gave them my name, and a call was quickly forthcoming from the cousin in California.  The cousin provided me with a copy of the report.  

   But here’s the brick wall…the parish registers for Kilvine don’t begin until 1870 and end in 1900 (at IFHF).  The National Library does not have microfilms of the records.  The only records for Kilvine are combined Diocese of Tuam marriage records, covering the period of 1820-1830.  I check for the Deanery of Claremorris and found no Dalys.  But wait, a check of the FamilySearch catalog shows that they have copies of the parish registers from 1872-1911, and I’ll be in Salt Lake City next week!

   After a mention of this family in a blog back in 2009 I received an email from an individual in Dublin telling me he knew of the Morley family and provided a contact with a cousin still living in Mayo.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet with him, as well as some of the Daly cousins on a couple of trips.

   So, for this trip, I’ve created a Register Report from my previous research, most of which was done before 2000.  I’ve highlighted the missing information and have created a “to do” list.  I also plan to expand my focus to other Daly families in the area (since Daly wasn’t a very common surname in this area).  I’ll see what I can find in the parish records microfilm at the FHL next week, and I need to check some of the newer databases that have become available on  I’ve also posted information on the County Mayo Facebook Page, including my surnames and my husband’s DNA information to the Gedmatch database.

   Wish me luck.  Happy Hunting!


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