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The Weekend - Meeting the Cousins

Jack Moughty of Ballymahon, Longford and Bernard “Pat” Moughty late of Connecticut

   On Saturday I bid farewell to the Dalys and headed to northern Mayo to meet a new cousin, Charles Moughty and his wife Evelyn.  Originally from Westmeath, they settled in Ballina in northern Mayo.  I had contacted them on my first trip to Ireland in 1992, before I knew much of anything, but had not followed up with them.  I thought I had figured out the connection and wanted to verify it.  I wrote to them in August and they wrote back and we set up lunch for Saturday.   It turns out that Charles and Brian (my husband) are third cousins, with their common ancestors their great, great grandparents, Bernard Moughty and Mary Glennon.  Charles filled me in on his siblings and told me that they also wanted to meet me.  Since I was heading to Longford, they would meet me there on Sunday.

   After lunch I headed to Ballymahon, Longford for a reunion with Jack and Breda Moughty.  I did meet Jack and Breda in 1992 and Jack bears a striking resemblance to my father—in-law, who, when we met in 1992 had been dead for over 12 years (see picture above).  Over the years, we had never been able to make the connection.  Last year on my Ireland trip I did a Y-DNA test on Jack and when I returned home, a Y-DNA test on Brian.  They matched (as I had expected).  Then the question was, when?  I upgraded the tests to atDNA and the results showed .781% shared DNA, and likely 3rd cousins.  By comparing their charts, it would seem that they are 3rd cousins once removed as they fall in different generations. 

    It would appear that I am only one generation removed from the common ancestor.  Jack had told me he thought that Bernard’s father was Pat, so was Pat also the father of Michael?  A search of the parish burial registers for Shrule turned up a burial record for Pat who died in 1838, age 84 in Barnacor.  That would put his birth date about 1752, making him too old to be the father of Bernard and Michael.  I also have a third individual, Thomas Moughty born about 1809 as a potential brother of Bernard and Michael.  Thomas appears as a sponsor for one of Bernard’s children and Bernard for one of Thomas’ children.  When I looked at the children of Thomas, Bernard and Michael, I discovered that all three named their first child James.  My new hypothesis is that Thomas, Bernard and Michael were all sons of James, who may have been a son of Patrick or John.  

   This evening Charles’ three siblings, Molly, Tommy and Ann arrived at my hotel in Ballymahon with lots of pictures and information.  What a gift!  If you’re going to be visiting Ireland spend some time with the phone book and try to find the cousins.  You never know what you might find!

   Happy Hunting!

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