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What will future genealogists find?

   I’m just back from a 5400 mile trek that included two wedding celebrations for my daughter.  The celebrations were wonderful and as unique as my daughter and her husband.  Before I left, I wrote about my dilemma of a date for her anniversary but as my husband and I were traveling back from Nebraska, I thought about another dilemma.  

   For someone researching me in the future, they can read about my marriage and family in the newspaper announcement of my wedding in 1972.  In fact, a couple of companies cut it out of the paper and sent me laminated copies (I’m sure they were trying to sell me something at the time).   It included the who, what when, where and how of our marriage.  But what about my daughter’s wedding?  I asked her about a newspaper announcement and she looked at me with an exasperated expression and said,”no one does that now!”  And it’s not just wedding and engagement announcements.  Obituaries have become a profit center for newspapers and so you frequently only find a short death notice.  What’s a genealogist to do?

   I’ve decided to write the announcment and save it as a story in my genealogy file.  As genealogists we are sometimes so focused on the past that we forget about documenting our lives and the lives of our descendants.  At this point I don’t have any descendants who are interested, but hopefully that will change in the future.  One can always hope!  In case you’re interested, you can find it here.  So don’t forget to document the here and now for future generations.

   Happy Hunting!

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