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Internet and Technology Lectures

Strategies for Effective Use of the Internet

The ability to use the Internet has attracted many new people into the field of genealogy, as well as provided experienced genealogists with new tools and faster communication.   In addition to databases, information that was previously only found in specialized libraries or other repositories can be identified through searching on-line catalogues and databases.   The Internet, however, does not change the process of sound genealogical research, starting with the Genealogical Proof Standard.  

Putting Your Family Tree Online

Genealogy and family history is all about making connections, child to parent back through the years.  With so much new information appearing on the Internet wouldn't it make sense to share your information to see if others are trying to connect to your family?  Learn how to put your family tree online for free or fee, using a variety of resources.

There's an App for That!

It’s amazing how far technology has brought us as genealogists.  It’s been a catalyst to bring millions of people into the field of genealogy.  In an article in September of 2012 from Bloomberg Businessweek, genealogy ranks second as the most searched topic on the Internet.  Today, small devices such as the iPhone and iPad, as well as their various competitors are more powerful and connected than the computers we used ten years ago.

Become an Internet Explorer

One-hour lectures on a specific website of interest to genealogists: includes a discussion of the type and quality of data and offers hints and tips for effective search strategies specific to the site.  Courses can be given individually or combined in a series.

•Getting the Most Out of

•Searching the Ellis Island Database

•Getting the Most Out of

• Getting the Most Out of

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