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Irish Lectures

Applying for your Irish Passport: An Introduction to Irish Research

Before you buy your ticket to Ireland you need to look at the roots your ancestor planted in America.  Focusing on U.S. resources can give you a real passport to finding your way to the right place and time in Ireland.

Strategies for Finding Your Irish Ancestors

Success in Irish research is highly dependent on discovering the exact location in Ireland where your ancestors were born and typically clues to the location are in records in the United States or other country where they emigrated.  This presentation focuses on strategies for finding the critical locality information so important to those starting their Irish research.

From Rubble to Ruin: Locating Famine Emigrants using Griffith’s Valuation

Fire and government destruction of early census records left a void for Irish researchers.  Creative genealogists have learned to use Griffith’s Valuation as a key resource in finding famine emigrants and their families.

Unpuzzling Ireland’s Church Records

No records or burned records!  How do you get past the loss or lack of Irish records?  Church records may be a solution to this daunting task.  Learning about the political history, as well as the religious history can set you on the right path.

Seeking Your Scots-Irish Ancestors

Scots-Irish, Scotch-Irish or Ulster Scots are all names referring to a group of people who initially came from Scotland into Northern Ireland, and then to America.  This lecture looks at the history of their immigration and strategies to help you get them back to a locality in Ireland. 

Your Guided Tour of Ireland

Hopefully the time will come when you have enough information about your Irish ancestors to visit Ireland and continue your research.   This lecture looks at  the major repositories in Ireland and the types of records they hold to assist you in planning your trip.

Sources for Irish Research

The fire at Four Courts in 1922 (the Public Records Office) was devastating, but contrary to popular belief, not ALL records were destroyed.  Civil registration from 1864, tax records and church records for many areas have survived.  In addition there are also records that survive for specific areas.   The key to finding your ancestors is discovering the location in Ireland from which they came.  This lecture will look at the types of records available both in the United States and in Ireland that will help you determine the location.

Online Sources for Irish Research

Over the past few years, a number of online sources have become available to search for Irish ancestors.  This lecture looks at free, pay-per-view, and subscription databases both in the US and Ireland.

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