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Panama Canal

Friday, September 30th

Port of Colon

   Today we were in the port of Colon in Panama.  A glance around would make you think you were in Bayonne, New Jersey.   Most of the tours were back to the Canal so we stayed on the ship...probably a good idea as many of the passengers were not happy with their tours.  One bus from Panama City got stuck in traffic and we were about a hour and a half late leaving Colon.

Thursday, September 29th

Crowded on Deck

Crowded on Deck at 6 a.m.

   Yesterday was a sea day, with my fifth presentation.  Celebrity showed a documentary from Nova titled, A Man, A Plan, A Canal - Panama to provide some background for the highlight of the cruise - today's Panama Canal transit.  

   We were up at 6 a.m. (with the rest of the ship) when the pilot boarded to start the day.  …

Tuesday, September 27th

   Here's another two day post.  Yesterday was a sea day, with another lecture.  Had close to 100 people.  

   Today we were in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  We took an excursion through the area and had an excellent tour guide.   The major city is about an hour away, but we stayed in the rural area.  Our first stop was in the town of Esparza where an elementary school  provided a demonstration of the local dances in the town square.  …

Sunday, September 25th

   Yesterday was another sea day, with my third lecture.  Nothing else going on.

   Today we arrived in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.  Because of Hurricane Hillary, the Captain took us 200 miles off course to avoid the storm, yet managed to arrive in this port only about a half hour late...pretty impressive.  This port has been developed for cruise ships with a fenced area with local crafts and jewelry (mostly jade).  …

Friday, September 23rd

   Today was a sea day and other than the weather, a windy, rainy day, there was not much going to.  I did my second lecture to a group of about 85 which went well.  Again, lots of good comments and I was told I was getting a following and that they would watch to see if they needed to move me into a larger venue.  The Activities Director indicated she wanted to set up some "coffee clubs," or informal get togethers.   …

Thursday, September 22nd


Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta

   Today's arrival in Puerto Vallarta was at noon.  This was a schedule change as today was supposed to be a sea day on our way to Acapulco.   We docked about a 10 minute taxi ride from town, although there was a WalMart and Sam's Club across the street from the dock.  We decided not to leave to ship and spent a relaxing day reading in the solarium.  …

Wednesday, September 21th

Senor Frogs in Cabo

   Today we're in Cabo San Lucas and have to tender into the port.   With an 11 a.m. arrival we waited until about 1 p.m. to tender in and only stayed a short while...not really into shopping.  Once back on the ship we had a late lunch and hit the pool.  Most of the day was just relaxing.  

   We received a bottle of champagne in our room today from the Activity Staff along with flowers, fruit and appetizers before dinner.  …

Tuesday, September 20th

Brian Relaxing in the Solarium

   Today was our first day at sea, and I gave my first lecture at 10 a.m.  I had about 45 people which was respectable, considering that there was an hour time change forward last night.  About half the people there were already doing some genealogy, but everyone seemed interested.  I heard from a couple of the crew members (who were moving in as soon as I was finished for bingo) that the comments of the people coming out were very positive.   …

Monday, September 19th


The Celebrity Millenium

   Our flight to San Diego was about an hour and a half late, but we got here!   We could see the ship this morning from the hotel, so after breakfast we took a walk down along the waterfront past the U.S.S. Midway and a statue of "The Kiss."  I don't know if this is the same statue that was in Sarasota or another copy.  

Sunday, September 18th

   Not much going on today.  Brian, Peter and I went to church this morning at St. Philips, known locally as Phil's in the Hills.  After church we met Meg and went out to brunch and have just been handing out.  Our flight to San Diego is at  7:30 this evening and tomorrow we're off on the cruise.

Saturday - September 17th

Mission Copper Mine

   Another day of sightseeing.  This morning we headed south to visit the Mission Copper Mine south of Tucson.  After a short introductory movie at the Mineral Discovery Center, we headed by bus to the south rim of the mine.  The mine is a quarter-mile deep, two miles from north to south, and a mile-and-three-quarters from east to west.  …

Friday - September 16th


   One of the exciting bits of news from Peter and Meg is that Peter bought a Nissan Leaf, a fully electric car.  We were a little concerned last week about whether we would be able to get our two large suitcases (we are traveling for three weeks <g>) into the car, however Peter assured us it would not be a problem.  …

Thursday - September 15th


Peter & Meg's House

       We arrived yesterday at the Hovell's in Tucson on our way to San Diego.  We're here until Sunday.  Meg and Peter are loving their new home and life in Tucson, keeping very busy as usual.  

   This morning, Peter and I went for a walk at 6 a.m...the sun was just coming up and he suggested I watch the road for snakes and other critters that come out at night.  …

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