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Friday - September 16th


   One of the exciting bits of news from Peter and Meg is that Peter bought a Nissan Leaf, a fully electric car.  We were a little concerned last week about whether we would be able to get our two large suitcases (we are traveling for three weeks <g>) into the car, however Peter assured us it would not be a problem.  Sure enough, the suitcases, along with my carry-on fit in the trunk...impressive.  The car gets about 100 miles on a charge so it's great for traveling around Tucson, but not good for leaving the city.  Our trek to the Missile museum yesterday required squeezing into Meg's BMW convertible.  

   We had tickets for a local attraction, the Gaslight, where we saw a vaudeville type show called the Wizard of the Rings.  We ate popcorn, booed and hissed at the bad guys and clapped and yelled for the good guys.  It was a takeoff on Lord of the Rings with campy versions of 60's songs.  What a blast!  If you ever get to Tucson, don't miss it.

   Tomorrow more sightseeing.


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