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Friday, September 23rd

   Today was a sea day and other than the weather, a windy, rainy day, there was not much going to.  I did my second lecture to a group of about 85 which went well.  Again, lots of good comments and I was told I was getting a following and that they would watch to see if they needed to move me into a larger venue.  The Activities Director indicated she wanted to set up some "coffee clubs," or informal get togethers.   I set up a meeting with one attendee for tomorrow after my next presentation to answer some questions for her.  

   The wind and rain are from Hurricane Hillary which is over Central America.  The captain steered a wide berth around her and the weather is supposed to improve tonight.  Even with the rain, the seas have been relatively comfortable and our cabin, being so low in the ship, gets little movement.

   I've been having some problems getting the Internet to load these blogs, but hopefully one of these days they all be there <g>.

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