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Friday, September 30th

Port of Colon

   Today we were in the port of Colon in Panama.  A glance around would make you think you were in Bayonne, New Jersey.   Most of the tours were back to the Canal so we stayed on the ship...probably a good idea as many of the passengers were not happy with their tours.  One bus from Panama City got stuck in traffic and we were about a hour and a half late leaving Colon.

just off the ship there was a shopping area (surprise, surprise)...mostly souvenir shops and a large casino.  We walked around, but were back on the ship in about a half hour.  Spent the afternoon at the pool.  There is a hydrotherapy pool which is like a giant whirlpool with a temperature to go with it) and two salt water pools.  The air and the water temperature in the salt water pools are about the same, so it's not very refreshing.  Last night there was a late night fruit buffet by the pool and I commented to Brian that they should have tossed in the ice sculptures to cool it down!

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