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Thursday - September 15th


Peter & Meg's House

       We arrived yesterday at the Hovell's in Tucson on our way to San Diego.  We're here until Sunday.  Meg and Peter are loving their new home and life in Tucson, keeping very busy as usual.  

   This morning, Peter and I went for a walk at 6 a.m...the sun was just coming up and he suggested I watch the road for snakes and other critters that come out at night.  Great!  We went to the Titan Missile Museum and had a great tour.  This is the only site left of the three missile silos that housed nuclear weapons.  We went down into the silo for a demonstration of a launch (which thankfully never happened).  

   Meg's having some friends in for dinner this evening.  I'll try to provide an update through the trip.

Titan Missile Cold War

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