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Tuesday, September 27th

   Here's another two day post.  Yesterday was a sea day, with another lecture.  Had close to 100 people.  

   Today we were in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  We took an excursion through the area and had an excellent tour guide.   The major city is about an hour away, but we stayed in the rural area.  Our first stop was in the town of Esparza where an elementary school  provided a demonstration of the local dances in the town square.  We learned that education through high school is compulsory and that the literacy rate in Costa Rica is 97%...pretty impressive.  The topography near the coast is flat with mangroves along the rivers to protect the environment and the main industry in this area is farming of fruits, especially bananas and pineapples.  Moving inland it is mountainous  with four active volcanos.  As you move into the mountains there are coffee plantations.  In the capital city of San Jose you will find high tech and pharmaceutical industry.  

   Our tour was just in the morning so we returned to the ship about noon.  This afternoon we saw "Eat, Pray, Love" in the cinema.   Tomorrow is another sea day (and lecture) followed by two days in Panama including one day transiting the canal.  

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