A Professional Genealogist and former Regional Manager for Apple Computer, I have been conducting family research since 1992.  I am a lecturer, blogger and writer specializing in Irish Research. I also conduct research trips to Ireland each year. You can visit my business website at IrishFamilyRoots.com

My personal research has taken a back seat for many years. I will work on a particular family when I receive a email or DNA match, but I have wanted to create a website specifically for my personal research. So this is it!

If you connect into one of my families, please contact me so we can share information. If it is a DNA match and you’re not sure the connection, contact me anyway and we can try to determine the connection.

If you are looking at the Family Cards, the Mitchell/Beighton family is my family and the Moughty/Daly family is my husband’s family. I can’t guarantee that everything is correct so as a good genealogist you should verify all of the information. In most cases the information will be sourced. Unless you have viewed the source information yourself, you need to cite the information in your records as follows:

Donna M Moughty, Donna’s Genealogy Research, (https://moughty.com : accessed <date>), <Name of Person of Interest>

This website is under copyright and you cannot copy and use the text of any of the blogs, nor copy and post any of the pictures without permission. Ask! Depending on the photograph I may give permission for you to use it with attribution.