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Day 13 - National Library

National Library Reading Room

    On previous trips, the group has started at the National Library, but they are currently closed on Mondays.  The group received an orientation to the Library from one of the staff which covered how to use the catalog and how to order material.  …

Day 12 - National Archives of Ireland


National Archives - Bishop Street


   Today the group researched at the National Archives.  Archives can be overwhelming if you haven’t experienced a close stack repository.  Most of the information on the open shelves are finding aids to help identify the records you want to look at.  …

Day 11 - Arrival day for Dublin

Christ Church

   Today was a relatively quiet day.  Some attended services at Christ Church Cathedral for the 11:00 sung Eucharist with their wonderful choir.  The preacher was Mary McAleese, the former President of Ireland and now a canon at the Cathedral.  …

Day 10 - A Guest Blog from Mirta Ramer

Mirta and Anne

   Today was the travel day from Belfast back to Dublin.  Eight of the researchers from Belfast will be spending their second week in Dublin along with an additional six researchers.   Mirta was kind enough to write about her experience in Belfast so I could share it with my readers.

Day 9 - Final Day in Belfast

Dinner at George's

   It’s hard to believe that the week has ended.  It’s been busy, with visits to PRONI, the Ulster Historical Foundation, the Ulster American Folk Park and Mellon Centre for Migration Studies

Day 8 - North of Ireland Family History Society


Tubs of Correspondence on permanent loan from the Presbyterian Historical Society

   I had not previously visited the North of Ireland Family History Society.  I received an email from the Society inviting my group to visit, so I planned a half day excursion.  The Society Library is located in an industrial park about 6 miles north of Belfast (the taxi drivers were able to find it without any trouble using their GPS).  …

Day 7 - Ulster American Folk Park

Mellon Home 2015

   So far, the weather in Ireland has not be great.  Most days have been overcast or rainy, but we hit the jackpot today.  It was a beautiful, sunny fall day for our trip out to Omagh in County Tyrone.  …

Day 6 - Belfast Ulster Historical Foundation

IMG 5917

   Although this is my sixth day in Ireland, it’s the third day for the Belfast researchers.  Since it wasn’t raining, we were able to walk to the Ulster Historical Foundation (about a mile from the hotel).  …

Belfast Day 5 - PRONI


  The walk from the Titanic Hotel to the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland is just a few blocks.  Unfortunately, it was a rainy morning.  The first stop is the lockers.  All coats and bags need to be put into a locker.  …

Day 4 - Belfast

IMG 5369

    Today is the first official day for the Belfast Research Trip. I attended services at St. Anne’s Cathedral (also know as Belfast Cathedral)  which has a wonderful choir.  Although the current structure was built in the early 1900s, it was built around the older church and the records date back to 1745 with microfilms at PRONI. …

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